May 4, 2013 by kmwelden

Okay, I thought that title was pretty clever, but that may only be because I’m jet-lagged, sleep-deprived, and just sort of out of it (how is that different from any other Kait day, you ask? Not very different).

But anyway, I’ve been out West. Andrew refuses to let me say I was on “vacation,” though that hasn’t stopped me from justifying the ridiculous amount of food I’ve consumed as okay because, “I’m on vacation” (‘I’m consistently impressed by both the quantity and speed at which you consume food, Kaitlyn,’ said the friend we stayed with). Alas, we were technically on a “trip,” as our quick three-day trip revolved around finding a place to live.

Here are the highlights:

1. We found the most adorable place to live. I mean it. Anyone else looking for an apartment in Denver: I’m sorry. We found it. I would show you all pictures but I’m presuming that giving out personal information on the Internet is a faux-pas. Also because neither Andrew nor I thought to even take a single picture. The current house I’m living in in Charleston was built in 1850, which is charming, but also obbbbbb-noxious (I have no closet. The bathroom is on the second floor. Everything is broken. Let me reiterate: everything breaks).

Our new place is a cute little one bedroom in the City Park area. We’re a block from a Starbucks and an Einstein’s (and a ten minute walk from the coolest bookstore I’ve ever seen, The Tattered Cover), and I already have visions of me running around the park in the morning and stopping by Starbucks and Einstein’s to bring coffee and bagels to my boy at home. The likelihood of this is up in the air, but a girl can dream, right?

2. Denver is unbelievably beautiful. I’m sorry that I didn’t take any pictures. I was busy trying to pretend I’m adult enough to spearhead an apartment search in a strange city. You’ll just have to trust me; it’s breathtaking.

3. I’m going to be broke. I hung around with two boys all week, which definitely highlighted the necessity of making girl friends in Denver as soon as possible. Boys don’t like to shop, and this is just not acceptable to me. I would whimper as we walked by the two-story H&M and they would laugh at the way my eyes lit up. The shopping in Denver is ridiculous, and I’ve already planned the route I’m going to take when my sister comes to visit me. Save your dollars, Caro.

But aside from the shopping, the culture in Denver is just so much more vibrant and alive than South Carolina’s. It’s a place for young adults, whereas Myrtle Beach is a place for retirees (oh, I always feel so bad when I speak ill of my hometown. I love you, Dirty Myrtle! You raised me!). I was impressed by the volume of things to do in Denver, and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I want to spend every dollar I have doing everything I can (Mom, if you read that, you read it wrong. It says I’m going to be financially responsible).

4. I may have oversold (okay, outright lied) about my love for the outdoors, but I think this will work out in my favor. Boyfriend and I have a mutual friend in Denver also named Andrew. It’s confusing, but mostly when we’re together I just refer to them as “Andrews,” so it’s less of an issue. Anyway, Andrew introduced us to some of his friends, and one of the girls is super Colorado-y (Coloradan?) and really into the outdoors. Naturally, I told her that I LOVED hiking and I totally wanted to go with her all the time. Really, I’m not sure if I like hiking, but judging by all the food in Denver, I’m going to have to exercise. And as I mentioned earlier, the more female friends I can snag the better- a girl can only listen to conversations about comic books for so long. Win/win? We’ll see.

5. Hey, TSA: if you feel the need to PAT MY HAIR DOWN in the security line ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to lose it. Thanks for protecting the country against threats that originate from in my curls. You’re doing a good job. I could go off on the TSA for an entire post, so maybe I’ll just cut this one short here.

TL;DR: Denver is awesome. My new place is awesome. The TSA is not awesome. And the next few weeks are going to be…. (wait for it)…. awesome. Bring on graduation and beaching everyday.

XO, Kait




5 thoughts on “Den-ventures

  1. cwelden says:

    two things:
    what is TL;DR?
    please write a post about the tsa.

  2. cwelden says:

    ps clever title sis

  3. JASF says:

    SO EXCITED for you Kaitlyn ( and Andrew)! Your ADULT LIFE is truly about to begin and it sounds like you’re ready for it! BEST OF LUCK.
    PS-this is Jenn from your moms class ;p Hope you don’t mind, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your blog…you need to start working on a sitcom!

    • kmwelden says:

      Jenn, thank you so much!! You are too sweet. I know my mom is so excited to see you guys tomorrow…. I will see you at field day!

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