Treat yourself (or: treat yo-self, if you’re into Parks and Recreation)


March 22, 2013 by kmwelden

I am one of the biggest proponents for treating yourself. One of my biggest problems with this, though, is that I like to treat myself all the time. Like all the time. The inner monologue in my head is ridiculous sometimes:

Hey, Kaitlyn, you know what sounds good? 

Yes, conscience? I know you’re going to ask me to spend money or eat something fattening, so why don’t you just go ahead and get to it? 

You look like you deserve a Coke, my dear. 

Uh, what? I haven’t even got out of bed yet today. It’s 12 PM. Can it be a Diet Pepsi? 

Oh, but how much better would a Coke taste? And you have had a hard weekjust being a last semester college student and all that. Those twelve hours you’re taking are strenuous. 

What? No they’re not! I barely have any homework! One class I only go to about half the time! I’m actually out of absences in every one of my classes already! 

Yeah, but you did walk a lot yesterday. Remember? To class… home from class… to happy hour… home from happy hour… out to take the garbage to the street. 

…And this is about the point I just give in and just go buy the damn regular Coke. Really, there’s no use grappling with my conscience. It is just hard-wired to treat itself. Holiday, regular day, Friday, morning, weekend… I will somehow convince myself that I deserve to splurge. 

Here I am, on Friday, already rationalizing with myself to just spend as I please this weekend. Don’t worry! My conscience is telling me right this very second. Your friends are coming into town! This is a celebration! 

But, really, I’m not advocating putting yourself into debt splurging on yourself, but I think it’s really important to treat yourself as a priority. Spoil yourself sometimes. I would encourage you to spoil yourself all the time, but I do that, and I can tell you that your bank account and scale will be better off if you don’t. 

It’s also fun (and nice) to splurge on other people, though. Last week I stopped into Papyrus and spent too much money on the rich-people, fancy cards. It cost too much (yes, seven dollars for a greeting card is a little steep), but I’ve had a really nice time writing in them this week. That’s one of those purchases that isn’t just a one time thing. I enjoyed spending time picking them out. I enjoyed deciding who to send them too. I enjoyed writing things in them. I enjoyed the satisfying feeling of mailing them out. And I’m really going to enjoy when people get them, and they’re happy too. That’s like enjoyment bonus miles right there. 

I’m not sure what the point of all this is besides making me feel a little better about not being the best manager of money. And also justifying the fact that I bought this cool dress with a skull back today like it ain’t no thing: 


okay, that picture is huge, but I am unfamiliar with how to resize these things. That’s a question for Andrew, because he is a computer guru. Thank GOD for that. 

Oh, also–one more thing! My sister went to a talk by Phaedra from Real Housewives of Atlanta today, and she sent me this picture. I had to share. Happy Friday, friends. Treat yourself this weekend. 





2 thoughts on “Treat yourself (or: treat yo-self, if you’re into Parks and Recreation)

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  2. […] week I told you all about how I went to Papyrus and had a really nice time sending cards to people. Since then, I have sent cards to my grandma, my friend Katherine, my boyfriend, my mom, etc. To be […]

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